How long will we have access to the material?

If you join as a monthly meal plan subscriber, you have access to meal plans, recipes and other material, as long as your subscription is 'active.' 

This means if you miss a payment or choose to cancel your subscription, you will no longer have access after your expiry date.

If you join as a VIP member, you gain access to everything for the 12 months of your membership. This includes weekly meal plans, food guides, recipes, other materials, and exclusive VIP Member perks, as long as your subscription is 'active.' 

If you choose to cancel your subscription early, it will stay active until the expiry date.

After the expiry date, you will no longer have access to meal plans or member content. 

You can view the status of your account from your account page. 

If you join the T2Diet Program or T2Diet Prediabetes Program, you have access to the T2Diet Program modules and resources for the 16 weeks of the program and 4 weeks after the program finishes, so a total of 20 weeks.

If you wish to maintain access after that, and receive our ongoing support and weekly meal plans, then you can join on a monthly or annual subscription.

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