Why are there only 4 meals for lunch & dinner?

When there are 7 days in the week, it might seem strange that we only offer 4 days of lunches and dinners.

But the thing is, most of our members don't make a full meal plan, they just pick and choose the meals they want to cook each week, and often include favourites.

With 4 new lunches and dinners each week, you'll have plenty of variety at your fingertips.

We often give you enough leftovers to double up on at least one additional meal. And we give you suggestions on using your leftovers, too.

If you want to have more days planned, you can easily add additional meals from your recipe database to the "smart" meal planner. Annual VIP members have instant access to 1500+ low carb recipes, so you can swap, change or add meals as you choose.

Monthly subscription members, you can access the meal plan archives, along with breakfasts and snacks selections. 

Many of our members like to include 1 or 2 favourites each week to get a mix of cooking new meals and trusty favs.

There's a lot of flexibility to change and alter the meal plans!

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